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Don’t Let Old Injuries Pile Up

Waiting to heal from an injury can seem like the wise thing to do. Who wants to rush into expensive healthcare they may not need? Who wants to take the time off of work?  

Unfortunately, waiting to heal doesn’t always work. Sometimes an injury can’t heal on its own. Sometimes waiting only makes it worse. We try to move in the way we used to and cause new injuries on top of the old one. We favor one arm, or leg, over the other, and wind up damaging the uninjured arm or leg.  

When we finally throw in the towel and go see our healthcare provider, we may wind up spending just as much money, or even more. Our recovery may cause us to lose more work time than the original injury would have taken. We may have wasted months, or maybe even years, on needless suffering and limited activities.  

If you have an old injury that isn’t getting any better, don’t just live with it. Give your healthcare provider a chance to find out what the damage is. If it can be fixed, get it taken care of. You may not realize what a burden you’ve been carrying until you give yourself a chance to put it down.