Do You Have Symptoms of Gout?

Do You Have Symptoms of Gout?

  • Woman holding wrist with pain

Rheumatologists treat many forms of arthritis, including “gout”. Gout is most often found in the feet, ankles and knees, and usually attacks one joint at a time, causing the joint to become red, swollen and painful. Pain often starts during the night and may cause patients to wake up in pain. The big toe is commonly affected.  

Gout can occur in both men and women, but when women have it, it usually occurs after menopause. Excess weight, frequent alcohol intake and heavy meat consumption increase the risk of gout, as can certain medications. It is treated with a combination of medication and lifestyle changes.  

Attacks of gout usually last a week or two. At first, they may occur only once or twice a year, but they can become more frequent if the condition is left untreated. In addition to experiencing pain, some patients with gout are more prone to heart and kidney issues. It’s important to be seen by a healthcare provider when experiencing symptoms of gout. 

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