CT Scan vs MRI – What’s the Difference?  

CT Scan vs MRI – What’s the Difference?  

  • Woman and CT Scan

If you’ve ever had a CT scan or MRI done, it’s easy to realize that these two tests are very different from the patient’s point of view. An MRI is done with a machine that makes a lot of noise (Patients are typically offered ear protection and music). An MRI takes 25 to 40 minutes longer than a 5 minute CT scan and it typically costs more.  

There are other also technical differences between an MRI and a CT scan. A CT scan creates images using a computer that processes multiple x-ray images. An MRI uses magnetic resonance imaging that involves radio waves. 

The images or pictures created by a CT scan and an MRI are also different. Which machine is used depends on what type of body part or healthcare condition your provider needs to see. 

Since an MRI involves the use of magnets, patients with pacemakers and some types of cochlear implants cannot receive an MRI.  

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