Cleanliness and Safety

UVC Light Helps Disinfect RMH Emergency Room and Other Patient Areas 

  • Coronavirus Moonbeam Equipment Cleaning Room

At RMH, we know that the safety of our patients depends on the cleanliness of our facility. This is why we have invested in cutting edge disinfection technology that uses UVC light to break down the genetic material of viruses and bacteria. UVC disinfection, which follows traditional cleaning, adds a second layer of protection for our patients.   […]

RMH Purchases Second UVC Disinfection Device

At RMH, keeping our patients safe is our top priority. In 2019 we began using cutting edge, UVC light technology to disinfect high priority areas. UVC disinfection, which follows traditional cleaning, is a second layer of protection for our patients. Our UVC disinfection initiative has been so successful, that RMH […]

Covid Shopping Tips

  • Woman grocery shopping with mask on

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, many of those at risk had friends and relatives extend offers to shop and run errands for them. However, what was doable in the short term, is much less doable in the long term, particularly when there are so many at risk. Friends and relatives […]