About the Disease

“Long Covid” Takes a Heavy Toll  

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Most of us are used to getting a virus, getting over it and moving on without any lingering effects. The expectation that viral symptoms will disappear after about four weeks is correct for most Covid-19 victims. For some, however, symptoms drag on for a year or more.  These patients have […]

Is “Covid Brain” Real?  

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Is “Covid Brain” Real?   Many patients who appear to be fully recovered from relatively mild cases of COVID-19 are reporting a condition that is informally titled “Covid Brain” or “Covid Fog”.  Reported symptoms include confusion, poor short-term memory, poor concentration, sleep disturbance, fatigue and trouble remembering words. In severe cases, patients have even experienced delusions. These […]

Covid-19 and Home Pools

While public pools are still closed, many home pool owners are enjoying their own backyard oases. Many, however, aren’t quite sure about the level of risk involved in poolside entertaining. As long as the owner maintains the cleaning system and uses proper chlorination, the Covid-19 virus should not be able […]

Can our pets get Covid-19?

Physical distancing from our friends and family is difficult enough. Trying to do it with our pets might just seem impossible. But is this really necessary? Can we get Covid-19 from our pets? Can they get it from us? Here is what is known at this point in time: The […]

How is Covid-19 affecting Indiana?

We’ve all heard about the crisis in New York, but are you wondering how Covid 19 is affecting Indiana? Researchers at IUPUI’s Fairbanks School of Public Health wondered the same thing. According to preliminary findings from their recent study, about 2.8 percent of Hoosiers, or 186,000 people, were infected with […]