COVID-19 Updates

“Long Covid” Takes a Heavy Toll  

  • Long Covid photo

Most of us are used to getting a virus, getting over it and moving on without any lingering effects. The expectation that viral symptoms will disappear after about four weeks is correct for most Covid-19 victims. For some, however, symptoms drag on for a year or more.  These patients have […]

Vaccine sites available in Rush County

Rush County, IN. Free Covid Vaccine Sites Covid-19 vaccines are being offered through a collaboration between the Rush County Health Department, Rush Memorial Hospital at the RMH Covid Clinic, Rushville Pharmacy and Kroger Pharmacy.  All vaccine appointments may be made by visiting or by calling 211. Homebound patients may […]

Is “Covid Brain” Real?  

  • Woman experiencing confusion looking at a laptop

Is “Covid Brain” Real?   Many patients who appear to be fully recovered from relatively mild cases of COVID-19 are reporting a condition that is informally titled “Covid Brain” or “Covid Fog”.  Reported symptoms include confusion, poor short-term memory, poor concentration, seizures, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, fatigue and trouble remembering words. In severe cases, patients have […]

Understanding Covid-19 testing

Within a year of the arrival of Covid-19, the United States has developed several Covid-19 tests, multiple treatments and several vaccines. It’s not surprising that patients become confused about what service or treatment is appropriate for which situation. This article is the first of a two-part series designed to help […]

UVC Light Brings Cutting Edge Disinfection to RMH

  • Coronavirus Moonbeam Equipment Cleaning Room

At RMH, we know that the safety of our patients depends on the cleanliness of our facility. This is why we have invested in cutting edge disinfection technology that uses UVC light to break down the genetic material of viruses and bacteria. UVC disinfection, which follows traditional cleaning, adds a second layer of protection for our patients.   […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Beginning  Friday, January 8, individuals age 80 and above will be added to the list of those able to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Previously, this group had included only patient-facing healthcare workers and those who live in long-term care facilities.  Appointment and vaccine information is located at  Assistance with scheduling […]

Pets Are Good for Your Health

  • Cat snuggling up to womans shoulder

If you’re a “pet person”, you already know how much comfort you get having a pet. You may not be able to imagine  life without your furry companion. If you’re trying to convince a “non-pet person” of this, however, you may welcome some evidence from recent research. Scientists have shown […]

Understanding the Covid-19 Antibody Test

A positive (or Reactive) Covid-19 antibody test means that the person being tested has been exposed to Covid-19. A negative (or Non-Reactive) test means that the person being tested has not been exposed to Covid-19. Antibodies are the body’s way of defending itself against disease. With many diseases, scientists know […]

RMH Purchases Second UVC Disinfection Device

At RMH, keeping our patients safe is our top priority. In 2019 we began using cutting edge, UVC light technology to disinfect high priority areas. UVC disinfection, which follows traditional cleaning, is a second layer of protection for our patients. Our UVC disinfection initiative has been so successful, that RMH […]