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6 Tips for Preventing Acne

Acne may look skin-deep, but it can cause serious emotional harm. While some people only experience a mild case in their teenage years, others have it for decades. People with acne may suffer from bullying, depression and isolation. Acne can affect more than your skin (aad.org)

Not all acne is severe, of course. There are simple ways to prevent many cases of mild to moderate acne. Here are 6 “DIY” tips to help prevent breakouts:

  • Your sheets and pillowcases may look clean but they’re loaded with bacteria. Change them at least once a week.
  • Your cell phone is a source of oil and germs that is easy to overlook. Clean it regularly.
  • When you touch your face with your hands, you spread germs and oil. Try not to touch your face. Be patient. Touching your face can be a hard habit to break. It may take a while.
  • When you pop a pimple you release bacteria from a confined area (inside the pimple) to a place where they can spread out and cause more acne. Don’t pop your pimples.
  • Wearing makeup doesn’t cause acne, but wearing the wrong kind of makeup can. Only buy makeup when the label says:
    • oil-free
    • non-acnegenic
    • non-comedogenic
    • won’t clog pores
  • You can’t scrub off acne. When washing your face, be gentle and use warm, not hot, water. Scrubbing can make your acne worse.

If you develop acne that you can’t get rid of at home, see a dermatologist early. Putting it off could result in facial scarring and emotional distress.