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6 Pedicure Pointers

Getting a “mani-pedi” can be a great way to relax. It can also make your feet look much better in sandals. Just remember, the basis of any good pedicure is keeping your feet and toenails clean and healthy. Here are few pedicure pointers:  

  • Nail files can easily pick up bacteria and fungus.  To avoid infection, don’t share a nail file with others, and don’t use the same nail file for your fingernails that you use on your toenails.  
  • A straight edge nail clipper is less likely to result in an ingrown toenail than curved nail scissors. When cutting your toenails, leave the nail straight, not rounded.  
  • Pushing back your cuticles too often can actually make them grow thicker. Push them back occasionally and then leave them alone.  
  • When polishing your nails, move your emery board in one direction only, using only light pressure.  
  • Don’t use nail polish to cover up a fungal infection under your toenails. The nail polish will trap moisture, making the infection worse.  
  • If you have diabetes, be sure to check with your podiatrist before getting a pedicure. Diabetes can decrease circulation in the feet, making them much more prone to serious infections.