Helping Parents Cope With Downsizing 

  • Couple downsizing and holding boxes

Downsizing to a smaller home is a logical step for many seniors, but frequently not a welcome one. For younger people, moving is often the result of a positive change: a new job, a more desirable location, making room for a new baby, etc. For aging seniors, moving is more […]

Healthy Aging: Strength Training and Osteoporosis 

  • older couple exercising in gym

Many of us associate strength training with weight lifting muscle builders working on their six-packs. This stereotype, however, ignores the overall health benefits of strength training. When done over a long period of time, strength training can help prevent multiple chronic illnesses, including osteoporosis.   Osteoporosis, which causes a decrease […]

Do Our Elderly Residents Need Post-Quarantine Support?  

  • Nurse talking to elderly woman

Rush County has many elderly residents. Most of them suffered through 15 long months of Covid-19 related isolation and forced inactivity, either at home or in long-term care facilities. It is not surprising when family members and caregivers become concerned about recent physical and mental changes they see in their […]

Menopause Can Increase Risk of Broken Bones

  • older woman taking a break from walking to tie her shoe

Women lose up to 20 percent of their bone density in the five-to-seven years after menopause. This can lead to osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones are weakened and become easier to break. They may become so light that they look more like a sponge than solid material.   Unfortunately, people with osteoporosis […]

10 Tips to Help You Age Healthy

  • Older couple doing yoga outside

Healthy aging, like having enough money to retire, is largely dependent on choices you make long before old age actually arrives. Here are 10 tips that will help you look forward to a healthy old age.  Know your family history and share it with your primary care provider. If your genetics put you at higher risk for particular health […]

Prevent Broken Bones with Early Detection of Osteoporosis 

  • Older Woman exercising withsmall wieghts

One way to prevent broken bones is to keep bones strong and solid. This is primarily done with strength– training and weight-bearing exercises as well as proper nutrition. As people age, however, their bones can become thinner. They may look more like a sponge than solid material. This is called “osteoporosis”.   Osteoporosis is more […]

Menopause and Weight Gain

  • Woman Adjusting Weight ,Scale

While menopausal weight gain isn’t inevitable, it is quite common. Women in menopause often have trouble sleeping, which is associated with weight gain. As part of the normal aging process, their level of physical activity also tends to drop, making weight gain more likely. In addition, the decrease in estrogen levels associated with menopause affects the way […]

The Challenges and Rewards of Caregiving 

  • Elderly woman with female caregiver

Sometimes a caregiving situation is short-lived, for instance when an injury or illness heals quickly. At other times, the caregiving journey can last for years, or even decades.  No two caregiving journeys are exactly the same, but caregiving challenges can include:  Sleep deprivation.   Having a living space that is cluttered with medical equipment  Being obliged to take someone else’s special diet into consideration at every meal.   Being responsible […]

Tips for Organizing Medications

  • Medication organizer

Organizing medications for a loved one can be exhausting.  To make things easier, it helps to have a medication list and a pillbox.   The MEDICATION LIST should contain the following information:   Medication Name  Name and phone number of prescribing healthcare provider  What is it for?   How much should be taken?  […]

Long-Distance Caregiving 

  • Caregiver helps push wheelchair

Long-distance caregivers represent 11% of those providing care for a loved one, according to a 2020 AARP study. Providing care from a distance is challenging, but doable, in many cases, with the right amount of planning and sufficient “on the ground” help.   Healthcare   Watching over a loved one’s health is […]