Taking the Meat-Free Plunge 

Going meat free isn’t the “fringe diet” that it once was. Vegetarian and even vegan options are popping up on restaurant menus. Vegetarian blogs such as “Cookie and Kate” or vegan blogs such as “Pickles and Honey” offer countless recipes for meat-free home cooking.   What do we mean by […]

Spicy Foods May Ease Weight Loss

Capsaicin is the ingredient in red hot chili peppers that makes most spicy foods spicy. Capsaicin has been shown to increase the feeling of fullness after eating, which can help regulate appetite. It also helps boost metabolism, which causes the body to burn calories faster. While eating spicy foods alone […]

Improving our Diet with Fruits and Vegetables

  • Close up of fruits and vegetables

Adding more fruits and vegetables to our diet helps decrease the amount of unhealthy foods we eat, while increasing our intake of fiber and nutrients. The benefits are so great that it’s recommended that half of our plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. However, not all fruit and […]