Do Our Elderly Residents Need Post-Quarantine Support?  

  • Nurse talking to elderly woman

Rush County has many elderly residents. Most of them suffered through 15 long months of Covid-19 related isolation and forced inactivity, either at home or in long-term care facilities. It is not surprising when family members and caregivers become concerned about recent physical and mental changes they see in their […]

Stroke Recovery- A Heartfelt Journey 

  • Older woman smiling while lifting small weight

A stroke is a life-changing event that affects the body, the mind and the heart. In addition to possible organic injury to the parts of the brain that control emotions, stroke recovery itself can profoundly alter a patient’s sense of self. Speech, movement and cognitive ability may all be affected […]

RMH Speech Therapists Empower Patients to Communicate

  • Blocks spelling out SPEECH THERAPIST

Clear communication is an important tool for achieving many of the most important aspects of happiness: fulfilling relationships, personal achievements, self-confidence, independence, etc. At Rush Memorial Hospital, our speech therapists are dedicated to helping empower patients with communication issues, whether these issues result from illnesses, injury, or developmental delay. At […]