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How Long Will My New Hip (or Knee) Last?

Total joint replacement patients frequently want to know “How long will my new hip (or knee) last?”   For many years, the standard reply has been “15 to 20 years”. Recent research involving 500,000 patients from six different countries suggests that, for many, these numbers may be too low. According to recent findings, 89% of […]

Veteran Surgeon Comes to RMH

RUSHVILLE — It is said that everyone has a story to tell. Rush Memorial Hospital’s newest orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Ginther, has more stories than most. Dr. Ginther, a native Hoosier, graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1970. He later received his MD degree from the Uniformed Services University of Health Services. After completing […]

Risks of Delaying a Total Joint Replacement 

Factors to Consider When Scheduling a Total Joint Replacement There are a lot of factors to consider when scheduling a total joint replacement of a hip or knee. While pain is usually the primary consideration, it is not the only one. It’s important to take into consideration:  Overall health  Weight loss concerns  The time needed off work for […]

Hip Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Ginther, discusses hip replacement surgery. Dr. Ginther has performed over 8,000 total joint replacements in his 35-year career. He explains how a lateral surgical approach, precise alignment of the joint and multi-modal pain management help minimize discomfort and speed recovery for hip replacement patients. Dr. Ginther also talks about the measures […]

Knee Replacement Surgery

Listen to  RMH Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Ginther, discuss cutting edge techniques that minimize the pain associated with knee replacement surgery. For those seeking to delay surgery, Dr. Ginther also talks about treatments that can help patients “buy time” before a total joint replacement. Dr. Ginther has done over 8,000 total joint replacements in his […]

Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery at RMH

The rotator cuff is made up tendons and muscles that attach the arm to the shoulder. When the rotator cuff become damaged, treatment depends on the extent of the injury. If the injury is severe, surgery may be needed. Rotator cuff repair surgery is one of the more common surgeries done on the shoulder. Most […]