Parkinson’s Disease

In our latest podcast,  Dr. Edward Zdobylak discusses the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. He describes the typical progression of the disease, as well as the role of medication to improve symptoms and rehabilitation therapy to help patients cope with their illness.

Non-Parkinson’s Tremors

In our latest podcast, Dr Edward Zdobylak discusses non-Parkinson’s tremors, or involuntary shaking that is NOT due to Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Zdobylak explains the ways in which tremors can interfere with everyday life, the fears that patients often have regarding them, and the variety of ways in which they can be treated. In his 20 […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Severe Headaches

RMH Neurologist Dr. Edward Zdobylak discusses the diagnosis and treatment of severe headaches, including migraines and cluster headaches. Dr. Zdobylak also describes recent advances in headache medications and prevention. He talks about the great progress that has been made in improving patients’ quality of life.


RMH Neurologist Dr. Edward Zdobylak discusses different types of dementia. Using direct and simple explanations, Dr. Zdobylak talks about some of the causes of dementia that can be treated and reversed. His examples of reversible dementia include dementia caused by medications, mild strokes, stress, time spent in a critical care […]

What Does a Neurologist Do?

Listening to a new provider is a great way to get a feel for both their level of expertise and their score on the “approachability” scale. In our latest podcast, one of our newest staff members, Dr. Edward Zdobylak, scores high on both. In this podcast, Dr. Zdobylak discusses what […]