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Mammogram news: What is breast density and why does it matter?   

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It’s easy to get alarmed when our mammogram report contains information we don’t understand. One term that appears on a lot of mammograms is the phrase “dense breasts”. What does this mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  In order to understand what a “dense breast” is, it helps to […]

Dr. Khanal Explains the Four Stages of Cancer

Dr. Nabin Khanal, Oncology and Hematology Specialist, explains the four stages of cancer and discusses the most common cancer screenings. Dr. Khanal also talks about the effect that Covid-19 has had on the rate of cancer screenings. He explains how this is linked to the recent increase in late-stage cancer diagnoses. 

Tips for Eating and Drinking During Cancer Treatment 

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It’s important to eat well and stay hydrated during cancer treatments. However, as many cancer patients know, one of the side effects of cancer treatment is a loss of appetite. These effects can be severe, with nausea and vomiting, or they can result from changes in the way food tastes […]

Be Aware of the Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women in the United States per the American Cancer Society’s estimate for 2020 accounting for 1 in 20 cancer-related deaths.   Barriers to Early Diagnosis The ovaries are two small organs located near the uterus. Unlike cervical cancer, which is detected […]

Your First Mammogram – What to Expect 

A mammogram is a procedure used to screen for breast cancer. A screening checks for disease when there are no signs and symptoms present and can help detect cancer in its early stages when there is the greatest likelihood of successful treatment.  Since breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women, mammograms are […]

Advancements in Cancer Treatment

Listen to Dr. Nabin Khanal discuss recent advancements in cancer treatment. Dr. Khanal talks about Immunotherapy, which frees the patient’s own immune system to combat cancer. He also discusses Personalized Cancer Therapy, which uses genetic mapping to identify mutations so doctors can develop specific treatment plans to target them. Dr. […]