Fainting in Children

Dr. Adam Powell, Pediatric Cardiologist of the Cincinnati Children’s Heart Clinic at Rush Memorial Hospital, discusses syncope, or fainting, in children during the podcast “Fainting in Children”. Dr Powell explains that fainting can result from many different causes and is much more common than we realize. He talks about fainting […]

Protecting Your Personal Healthcare Information

Rush Memorial Hospital CIO Jim Boyer discusses the measures his award winning team takes to keep your healthcare records secure and private. Jim also explains how patients can use the Patient Portal to make appointments, access their medical records, contact their healthcare provider and request prescription refills.

When Children Have Chest Pains

Dr Adam Powell, a pediatric cardiologist with Cincinnati Children’s Heart Clinic at Rush Memorial Hospital, presents “When Children Have Chest Pains”. Dr Powell discusses various causes of chest pain in children, including lung, muscle and heart pains. He also explains how to tell when it’s okay to relax, when it’s […]

Self-care during the holidays

RMH Social Worker Cheryl Turner-Romans discusses “Self-care during the Holidays”. Cheryl talks about various causes of holiday related stress and what we can do to avoid them. Whether we’re dealing with negative relationships, excess spending or criticism of our food, decorations or gifts, Cheryl has useful tips for minimizing holiday […]

The Flu: Treatment and Prevention

Family Nurse Practitioner Mandy Price discusses “The Flu: Treatment and Prevention”. Mandy talks about normal flu symptoms as well as complications that can arise from the flu. She explains what populations are most vulnerable to the flu and how vaccinations can help protect them.

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