Covid 19 Cleanliness and Safety Measures at RMH

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Layla McKnight, Infection Preventionist and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, explains the cleanliness and safety measures the hospital is taking to keep both patients and team members safe from infection. She also discusses her role in helping deal with the local Covid 19 outbreak.

Coping with the emotional effects of the COVID-19 crisis

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Social Worker Cheryl Turner Romans discusses how to cope with the emotional effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Cheryl talks about the ways in which fear and isolation can contribute to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. She offers common sense advice on ways to manage […]

Negative effects of tobacco with Amanda Garza

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RMH Pharmacist Amanda Garza volunteers her time speaking to area youth about the negative effects of tobacco, both in vaping and smoking. While most youth are aware of the long term effects of tobacco, many of them don’t realize how it can affect them in the short term. Amanda links […]

RMH Takes Steps To Prepare For Covid-19

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Listen as Deb Hummel, Vice President of Quality and Safety, and Layla McKnight, Infection Preventionist and Emergency Preparedness Officer, discuss the steps the hospital is taking to prepare for the Covid-19 Pandemic. Together Deb and Layla discuss the state of Covid-19 testing, the role the hospital plays in the Homeland […]

Knee Replacement Surgery

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Listen to  RMH Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Ginther, discuss cutting edge techniques that minimize the pain associated with knee replacement surgery. For those seeking to delay surgery, Dr. Ginther also talks about treatments that can help patients “buy time” before a total joint replacement. Dr. Ginther has done over 8,000 […]

Advancements in Cancer Treatment

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Listen to Dr. Nabin Khanal discuss recent advancements in cancer treatment. Dr. Khanal talks about Immunotherapy, which frees the patient’s own immune system to combat cancer. He also discusses Personalized Cancer Therapy, which uses genetic mapping to identify mutations so doctors can develop specific treatment plans to target them. Dr. […]

Immunizations for Adults and Seniors

Greg Pratt, Director of Pharmacy and Taylor Jones, a Purdue Pharmacy Student from Rushville, discuss immunizations for adults and seniors. Greg and Taylor talk about vaccine safety, travel vaccines, boosters of childhood vaccines and vaccines that are needed as our immune systems change over time.

HPV vaccine

Greg Pratt, Director of Pharmacy and Taylor Jones, a Purdue Pharmacy Student from Rushville, discuss the HPV vaccine and its crucial role in cancer prevention for both men and women. Greg and Taylor explain that the HPV vaccine has the potential to eliminate cervical cancer, as well as to reduce […]

Fainting in Children

Dr. Adam Powell, Pediatric Cardiologist of the Cincinnati Children’s Heart Clinic at Rush Memorial Hospital, discusses syncope, or fainting, in children during the podcast “Fainting in Children”. Dr Powell explains that fainting can result from many different causes and is much more common than we realize. He talks about fainting […]

Protecting Your Personal Healthcare Information

Rush Memorial Hospital CIO Jim Boyer discusses the measures his award winning team takes to keep your healthcare records secure and private. Jim also explains how patients can use the Patient Portal to make appointments, access their medical records, contact their healthcare provider and request prescription refills.

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