New Dietician Shares Love of Food with RMH Patients

RMH Dietician Jonathan Isbill discusses his role at the hospital. Jonathan recognizes that good food is one of the great pleasures of life. For this reason, he is an enthusiastic cook as well as a dietician. He believes that eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to equal a life of misery and self-sacrifice at the dinner […]


Hayei Lorca addresses the topic of Cyberbullying. She explains how digital bullying can actually be worse than “in-person” bullying. She talks about different types of cyberbullying, including the use of false identities to conceal the perpetrator, and the potential for damage done by photos and false information that “live” on […]


RMH Neurologist Dr. Edward Zdobylak discusses different types of dementia. Using direct and simple explanations, Dr. Zdobylak talks about some of the causes of dementia that can be treated and reversed. His examples of reversible dementia include dementia caused by medications, mild strokes, stress, time spent in a critical care […]

Conservative Pain Management Treatment Options

Tune in to listen to Pain Management Specialist Dr. Sahba Charkhzarrin discuss the treatment options offered in conservative pain management. Dr. Charkhzarrin explains how a pain management specialist approaches finding the source of a patient’s pain, resolving the underlying cause, and treating the pain itself. He discusses the importance of […]

The Role of Pain Management in Patient Care

Pain Management Specialist Dr. Sahba Charkhzarrin explains the role of Pain Management in patient care. Dr. Charkhzarrin explains how Pain Management Specialists work with other healthcare providers to help patients who are suffering from chronic pain. When treating patients, Dr. Charkhzarrin’s goal is to 1) determine the cause of chronic […]

Hip Replacement Surgery

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Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Ginther, discusses hip replacement surgery. Dr Ginther has performed over 8,000 total joint replacements in his 35-year career. He explains how a lateral surgical approach, precise alignment of the joint and multi-modal pain management help minimize discomfort and speed recovery for hip replacement patients. Dr. Ginther […]

What Does a Neurologist Do?

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Listening to a new provider is a great way to get a feel for both their level of expertise and their score on the “approachability” scale. In our latest podcast, one of our newest staff members, Dr. Edward Zdobylak, scores high on both. In this podcast, Dr. Zdobylak discusses what […]

The RMH Covid Update

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Deb Hummel, VP of Quality and Health Information, discusses “The RMH Covid Update”. Deb describes the recent inspection of RMH’s Covid efforts by the Indiana State Department of Health. (RMH passed with flying colors and was found to be in full compliance with all state and federal guidelines for Covid-19). […]

Covid 19 Cleanliness and Safety Measures at RMH

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Layla McKnight, Infection Preventionist and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, explains the cleanliness and safety measures the hospital is taking to keep both patients and team members safe from infection. She also discusses her role in helping deal with the local Covid 19 outbreak.

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