The Covid Five

The Covid Five

  • Person stepping onto a scale

If you find that the “Covid Five” is more common than the “Freshman Fifteen” of weight gain, you’re not alone. In the last two months, with the frig door open while many of us are at home all day, and the gym door closed, stepping on the scales may be more scary than turning on the nightly news.

The good news is that it probably is only five pounds, and it hasn’t been on for too long. There’s still time to lose it before it becomes our “new normal”, making a longer term impact on our ease of movement, and, consequently, our overall health.

The bad news is, losing five pounds is never as easy as gaining it.

Fortunately, when Memorial Day arrives, so do warmer days and more sunshine. As of June 1, Indiana campgrounds will be open. The State Parks are already open. Gyms will also be opening soon.

While it’s not possible to outrun a bad diet, the last two months of social distancing have forced a lifestyle on many of us that is artificially sedentary. Sitting at home, possibly eating ice cream out of the carton while watching the news, is not something we would normally be doing. For those who are not normally couch potatoes, the coinciding changes in weather and regulatory restrictions are motivation enough to get back out there and move. As exercise releases endorphins and helps us decrease stress, it’s less tempting to turn to food for comfort or entertainment. By the end of summer the “Covid 5” should be in our rearview mirror.