Covid Clinic

Woman getting a vaccination from a Doctor

RMH Covid Clinic

The RMH Covid Clinic provides free Covid vaccinations and curbside Covid testing.  If needing curbside testing, patients will need to register at If needing a Covid vaccination, patients can register at
Covid Testing is sponsored by the Indiana State Department of Health and the Rush County Health Department.

Covid Testing

1) Are appointments necessary?

No, although patients who prefer to have an appointment may do so by registering online at

2) Do you offer rapid tests?

Yes. Patients need to select the rapid test option when registering.

3) What should I do when I arrive at the parking lot?

Call the designated Free Covid-19 Testing number at 765-932-7529.

4) Will I need a healthcare provider referral?


5) Can patients come inside for a test?

No, clinic staff will come to the patients’ vehicles.

6) Can patients receive a work note at the Free Testing?

No. Patients needing a work note must be seen separately by their primary care provider. If the patient does not have a provider they can be seen at RMH Walk-In Care.

7) How long will it take to get my results?

    • Regular send-off test – available in 3-5 business days.
    • Rapid test – available in 15 minutes.

8) How will I receive my test results?

    • Regular send-off test – Test results will be available on the Zotec portal by means of a link sent via the preferred contact method decided on upon registering. Test results will be available in 3-5 days.
    • Rapid test – The patient will receive a paper copy.

9) Will test results be available at RMH?

    • Regular send-off test – No, no test results will be available at RMH. RMH is a specimen collection point only, not the testing facility.
    • Rapid test – The patient will receive a paper copy.

8am – 6pm
Tuesday – Friday:
8am – 4pm
Open first Saturday of each month:
9am – Noon

RMH Covid Clinic
157 W Foster Heights Rd.
Rushville, IN

Testing: 765-932-7529
Vaccine: 765-932-7530