Patient & Family Advisory Council


What is the Patient and Family Advisory Council?

Patients, community members, and healthcare providers want the safest and best patient care experiences and outcomes possible. This can be accomplished by working together to shape practices in our healthcare system.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is comprised of both patients and community members. It is a partnership between the community and the hospital and is facilitated by Rush Memorial Hospital’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

A diverse group of individuals will meet quarterly to discuss optimal patient experiences and help the hospital fulfill its goal of being the healthcare choice for our community members. Previous experience as a patient of Rush Memorial Hospital is not a prerequisite for membership in the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

The PFAC is not a decision-making group, but rather a group of committed individuals with a common goal of improving the patient’s experience with RMH. The PFAC will be encouraged to make recommendations and provide input into the hospital’s strategic and operational goal-setting activities.

The role of those facilitating the Council is to explain how services are currently provided and to translate the PFAC recommendations into practical solutions for optimal patient experiences.

By becoming a PFAC member and sharing their unique experience, Rush County community members can have an impact on RMH’s services and make a difference in the lives of other patients and their families.

RMH PFAC Meeting Details

1. Meetings will be held in the Kenneth L. Earnest Family Conference Center at least once every quarter (minimum of four times per year).

2. Meetings will be facilitated by the hospital’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations. The Director is there to facilitate conversation and provide information regarding current processes in addition to translating administration-approved recommendations into hospital operations.

3. The PFAC is a recommending body only – it does not have the authority to render decisions or alter processes on its own.

4. All PFAC members will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement as specific patient care details may be shared inadvertently during meetings.

5. Meetings will last approximately one hour.

6. Refreshments will be served during the meeting.

7. Meeting format will be casual with all members encouraged to participate and provide input during meeting times.

Patient Family Statement of Interest Form