How is Covid-19 affecting Indiana?

How is Covid-19 affecting Indiana?

We’ve all heard about the crisis in New York, but are you wondering how Covid 19 is affecting Indiana? Researchers at IUPUI’s Fairbanks School of Public Health wondered the same thing.

According to preliminary findings from their recent study, about 2.8 percent of Hoosiers, or 186,000 people, were infected with Covid 19 as of May 1. Surprisingly, about 45% of those infected did not report having any symptoms. This means that, at any given time, we really don’t know who has Covid 19 and who does not (which limits the effectiveness of avoiding only those who have symptoms).

Have you also wondered why the Covid 19 epidemic is creating such a strong public reaction when compared with reaction to the seasonal flu? According to the Fairbanks study, the infection-fatality rate for Indiana for Covid 19, was 0.58 percent. This is six times higher than the infection-fatality rate of the seasonal flu (which is 0.1%).

When comparisons were done, it was found that persons who reported living with a household member diagnosed with Covid 19 were nine times more likely to test positive for the disease.

While social distancing may be inconvenient, stressful and expensive, this study indicates that it is clearly effective in protecting public health.