Covid Shopping Tips

Covid Shopping Tips

  • Woman grocery shopping with mask on

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, many of those at risk had friends and relatives extend offers to shop and run errands for them. However, what was doable in the short term, is much less doable in the long term, particularly when there are so many at risk.

Friends and relatives may have gotten tired of running errands. The occasions when they have time, and their friends and family members have money for supplies, may just not match up. Those at risk may simply have gotten tired of letting someone else pick out their items. And, of course, there’s always sheer boredom and loneliness. After weeks and months of isolation, shopping at Kroger may seem like an exotic vacation.

Whatever the issue, once those at risk go back to doing their own shopping, how can they do it safely?

One key to being safe is not to be in a rush. Regardless of what is needed from the store, it can probably wait. Avoiding a sense of urgency helps people take the time to alter their pre-Covid shopping habits.

Another key to safety is the willingness to turn around and go home if a store is too crowded. Check out the parking lot before going in. If there are too many cars, be willing to come back later or go someplace else.

Try to shop at times that others are usually busy. Going when a store first opens may work, if everyone else hasn’t had the same idea. Going a half hour before closing may work even better, providing you have a list and know where to find what you want.

Lastly, wear a mask, practice social distancing and exercise good hand hygiene, particularly if you’re out in public among people who may have symptoms or exposures that you’re not aware of.

We’re all going stir crazy. Especially if you’re at high risk, however, it may beat the alternative.