COVID-19 Vaccine Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Beginning  Friday, January 8, individuals age 80 and above will be added to the list of those able to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Previously, this group had included only patient-facing healthcare workers and those who live in long-term care facilities. 

Appointment and vaccine information is located at  Assistance with scheduling appointments may be obtained by dialing “211”. 

The vaccine must be given in two doses. The second dose will be given three weeks after the first dose for the Pfizer vaccine and four weeks after the first dose for the Moderna vaccine.  

Patients should register for an appointment to receive the second dose, after receiving the first dose. Immunity develops a 2-3 weeks after the second dose is received. Identification, insurance card and proof of age will be required at time of vaccination. While the vaccine is free, insurance will be charged an administrative fee. Those without insurance will not be charged.   

The Rush County Health Department is assisting Rush Memorial Hospital with its vaccine clinic. The sponsor for the program is the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH). The IDOH sets the vaccination schedule for all population groups and hospitals are not permitted to deviate from this schedule.  

The Covid-19 vaccine was approved by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), meaning that the vaccines must be proven safe and effective. The vaccines have been found to be 94 to 95% effective in preventing Covid-19 infections in those who receive both doses. Side effects include fatigue, headache and sometimes fever.