Covid-19 and Home Pools

Covid-19 and Home Pools

While public pools are still closed, many home pool owners are enjoying their own backyard oases. Many, however, aren’t quite sure about the level of risk involved in poolside entertaining.

As long as the owner maintains the cleaning system and uses proper chlorination, the Covid-19 virus should not be able to survive in pool water. As with eating out, the real issue is with the company. Transmission of the Covid-19 virus is mainly through respiratory droplets given off when an infected person breathes or coughs within 6 feet of an uninfected person. This doesn’t change just because people are in the water.

While masks can be worn poolside, they don’t work when wet. When worn under a hot sun they also get hot and uncomfortable.

Poolside surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected just as other surfaces do. This includes pool toys as well as poolside furniture, slides, handrails, etc. Swimming equipment that is used around the face, such as snorkels and goggles, should not be shared, particularly since much of it is difficult to disinfect between users.

At some point, and only you can identify when that point is reached, safety measures become incompatible with the goal of relaxation that prompted you to install a pool in the first place. When you reach that point, perhaps it’s better to just enjoy a private pool…..privately.