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Repetitive Strain Injuries, a Risk at Work and on the Field

Performing the same motion, over the over, can cause a Repetitive Stress Injury, or RSI. One of the most commonly recognized RSI’s is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, but there are many others. They can affect many parts of the body, including the shoulder, elbow, hands, knees, etc. The constant vibration of […]

The RMH Patient Portal, Your “One Stop Shop” for Medication Information

Location in the Portal The RMH Patient Portal provides a great dashboard for managing your health, including how to manage your medications. Located under the “Health Record” section of the portal, the Medications section includes a variety of features. Print-ready List of Medications There is a list of all of […]

Heart Attack Symptoms and Dying Alone

The sooner a person recognizes the signs of a heart attack, the sooner help can be sought and the more likely it is that the victim will survive. Unfortunately, studies have shown that people are actually more likely to call an ambulance for someone else than for themselves. This is […]

RMH Has New Tool for the Treatment of Knee Pain

Since arriving at RMH, Dr. Jeffrey Ginther  has begun giving various injections in the knee, including a type of injection known as “viscosupplementation”. Normal knee joints have sacs of a thick, slippery, fluid between the bone. This fluid helps cushion the joint and allow the bones in the knee to […]

Exercise Common Sense

Starting a new workout plan? If you’re trying to figure out what types of exercise to do, here are a few points to remember: Don’t worry about trying to create the perfect plan. Any exercise plan you follow through on is going to make a difference. Ideally, you should get […]

For Diabetic Foodies, Delicious Ingredients for Low-Glycemic Cooking

Finding out you have diabetes doesn’t suddenly give you a taste for all things low-carb, and it doesn’t remove your craving for treats. In fact, if you have diabetes, chances are your taste for treats is pretty highly developed. If you tell yourself that having diabetes means you have to […]

The Benefits of Board Games, Win or Lose

Video games have never quite managed to kill off board games, and not just among those whose parents refuse to invest in a Switch. Whether being played just for the fun of it, or to fulfill learning or social goals, board games represent a type of play that benefits people […]

Fainting (Syncope) in Kids

By Adam Powell, MD, pediatric cardiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Fainting (Syncope): Fainting (also called syncope) is very common in the teenage and young adult years.  Around 20% of young adults report having passed out at least once in their life.  Fortunately, fainting is rarely a sign of a dangerous […]

Cooking with an air fryer

Every year or so a new fad hits the small appliance market. The air fryer is one of the most recent must-haves, but is it a fad? Or is it a healthy cooking appliance deserving of valuable real estate on your crowded kitchen counter? Before answering that question, here are […]

Child Safety and Over the Counter Medications

Over the counter medications are medications that can be purchased without a prescription. However, this does not mean that they are harmless. When it comes to treating children with a cough, cold or the flu, parents need to be aware that some over the counter medications are not safe for […]