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Treatment Helps Relieve Pain When Delaying Knee Replacement Surgery 

Sometimes a patient needs knee replacement surgery but isn’t quite ready for it. In the meantime, something needs to be done about the pain.   RMH Orthopedics has a treatment that may offer help in this situation. It’s called “viscosupplementation”.   Viscosupplementation involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the sack in the […]

Foods that Pack an Extra Punch 

  • Dark Chocolate

Healthy foods contain the standard nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc., but some of them pack an extra punch. They contain “bioactive compounds”, substances that boost our health in ways that have little or nothing to do with nutrition. Learning about bioactive compounds helps us find natural ways to stay healthy.  […]

How to Maximize Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting 

  • Upclose photo of woman standing on scale

“Intermittent fasting” is a weight loss program that involves alternating set periods of fasting with set periods of eating.  There are four basic schedules of intermittent fasting:   “Time-restricted eating” involves eating a limited number of hours each day, with a minimum 12-hour period of fasting.   “The 5:2 diet” involves eating […]

New Research Offers Hope for Cancer Survivors 

  • Women exercising and stretching in the gym

Research published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Oncology, looked at the relationship between the life expectancy of cancer survivors, their level of physical activity after diagnosis and the number of hours they spend sitting each day.    Researchers found that cancer survivors who sat for […]

Vitamin D Helps Fight Winter Illness

  • Person holding vitamin D in the sun

Vitamin D helps us fight infections, which is especially important during the winter months, when colds and the flu are being passed around. Vitamin D is called the “sunshine vitamin”, because our body produces it when our skin is exposed to sunlight. This can create a problem in cold weather. […]

How to Pick Winter Work Boots 

  • Close up of man in work boots on a construction site

This is the time of year when winter boots go on sale.  If you work outdoors, however, you need a pair with the right design and materials to fit your needs. You need to take into account the insulation, fit, weight, waterproofing, traction, foot protection and size of the boots […]

Probiotics vs Antibiotics

  • Photo of probiotic foods in bowls

Most people think of infections and illness when they think of bacteria, but not all bacteria are bad. The gut, or large intestine, is home to millions of good bacteria, as well as fungi and other microorganisms that grow there naturally. Good gut bacteria are very important to our health. […]

Night Owl to Early Bird

  • Close up of clock and woman working late

If you’re a night owl who staggers into the office late every morning, there’s nothing more irritating than the early bird who waltzes into the office bragging about hitting the gym at 6 am. As you shake your head, you may wonder if you, too, could ever get up at the crack of dawn. […]

Budget-Friendly Things to do in Indiana 

  • Family Hiking

Looking for something to do alone or with the family? Here are a few nearby destinations and events to help keep the winter blues away.   “Winter Wonder” in Batesville, Indiana is a free 200-foot lighted drive-through tunnel with over 100 lighted snowflakes. It is located in the Village Green parking […]