COVID-19 Updates

Understanding the Covid-19 Antibody Test

A positive (or Reactive) Covid-19 antibody test means that the person being tested has been exposed to Covid-19. A negative (or Non-Reactive) test means that the person being tested has not been exposed to Covid-19. Antibodies are the body’s way of defending itself against disease. With many diseases, scientists know […]

RMH Purchases Second UVC Disinfection Device

At RMH, keeping our patients safe is our top priority. In 2019 we began using cutting edge, UVC light technology to disinfect high priority areas. UVC disinfection, which follows traditional cleaning, is a second layer of protection for our patients. Our UVC disinfection initiative has been so successful, that RMH […]

Routine Vaccinations Could Help Protect Children From Potential Covid-19 Complications

While the world struggles to create and produce a vaccine for Covid-19, there are many other potentially devastating diseases that are already preventable with vaccines. These include measles, diphtheria, polio and tetanus, to name a few. While each of these diseases is serious in itself, no one knows what would […]

Covid-19 and Home Pools

While public pools are still closed, many home pool owners are enjoying their own backyard oases. Many, however, aren’t quite sure about the level of risk involved in poolside entertaining. As long as the owner maintains the cleaning system and uses proper chlorination, the Covid-19 virus should not be able […]

Can our pets get Covid-19?

Physical distancing from our friends and family is difficult enough. Trying to do it with our pets might just seem impossible. But is this really necessary? Can we get Covid-19 from our pets? Can they get it from us? Here is what is known at this point in time: The […]

Eating Out and Covid-19

  • Woman putting hand sanitizer on hand before eating

Now that restaurants are starting to open back up again, diners have questions that they might never have considered in the past. At restaurants, we’re exposed to things we wouldn’t be at home: food someone else has cooked, drinks someone else has poured, dishes someone else has washed, chairs that […]

Vacationing and Covid-19

With the relaxation of physical distancing, summer vacations are back on the agenda for many people. If you’re planning a trip during the Covid-19 phenomena, here are a few tips to make things easier. Don’t assume that what is open at home is going to be open at your destination. […]

Work-From-Home Challenges

Working from home (WFH) used to be a rare privilege, limited to industries like information technology or digital marketing. Now WFH is an accepted part of the Covid 19 phenomena, a safety measure to protect employees from illness and industry from pandemic-related health care costs and employee absence. WFH has […]