Patient Testimonials

“I would like to brag on the entire surgical team and more specifically, Teresa Geis and Tricia Sheridan.  My 5 year old daughter had a procedure recently in the surgery department.  If you know anything about her, you know how much of an introvert she is and how shy she is.  She’s a tough nut to crack at times and the surgery team did absolutely amazing with her.  I felt like Teresa and Tricia both went above and beyond to explain things to her, make her smile, and more importantly, make her feel safe and comfortable.  Words can’t express how grateful I am to them for taking the extra time with her.  She  didn’t shed a single tear… I asked her if she was scared when she woke up in recovery and her response was “no, that really nice nurse was there with me (Tricia) and I knew you were somewhere close.  Plus, Kenny’s mom (Teresa) wouldn’t have let anything bad happen to me.”  Although she was 100% right, I was amazed at how safe and comfortable they made her feel in such a short time.  The entire team’s communication to not only Hadley, but to us as well and their concern/compassion were on point and couldn’t have been any better.  Our patients and our community are so incredibly lucky to have the surgery team that RMH does.  My sincere gratitude for such a pleasurable experience for Hadley goes to Tricia and Teresa and their team.”
— A grateful Mom

“Monday when I was here for my mammogram the technologist, Lisa and Brianne, were having positioning training. I had a very good experience, they made me feel very relaxed, and it was nice to see that RMH takes continued training serious. Thank you for making my experience great.”
— Imaging Patient

“Thanks to everyone at Rush Memorial Hospital who helped care for my mother – from her admittance to the ER until her discharge six days later. She was treated with respect and kindness by all the people providing the many services required to treat RMH patients. We had the most contact with the nursing staff. They are so hard-working and attentive. I highly recommend RMH as a hospital with a caring atmosphere.”
Nancy Weeks

Rush Memorial Hospital In-Patient Hospice Care
…. Our Mom’s stay on RMH’s Med/Surge and with RMH Inpatient Hospice was the most heart warming time for us in Mom’s final days. The care given allowed us to concentrate on being with mom, talking with her, sharing our lifetime of memories. We knew her nurses had her heart and our hearts always in mind while tending to her. They were always talking to her, rubbing her hands, putting lotion on her soft skin, turning her and checking on her all the time. We appreciated everything they did.  We never left Mom’s side the entire time she was in the hospital. We can’t say enough about what those last few days meant to our family. My Dad and our entire family will never forget the kindness, the heartfelt warmth of the nurses and the care that was given to our Mom. They are the “Angels on Earth”.  

Rush Memorial Hospital In-Patient Hospice Care
I would like to take the opportunity to say that when our mother, Ida Jean Gosser, was a patient here at Rush Memorial and we had reached a point in her life that her time here on earth was ending, we felt that the best care for Mom in her last days of life was to have hospice come in and help keep her comfortable. Janie Manning spoke to us about Premier Hospice and I would like to say that we chose them.  We were so pleased with the care, comfort and compassion that Mom, as well as our family, was shown that helped us through those difficult days!! Our hospital, as well as our community, can rest at ease during the toughest times of life when having to accept loosing a loved one. We are blessed to have these “Angels”, as my father said, to help us all through those days. It takes very special people to do this type of care. We can say that Mom had great care and loving kindness shown to her.

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